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Akron, OH - Canal Park

Akron Aeros
Ohio Brewing Company
Akron Zoo

Akron Aeros
AA Cleveland Indians
Eastern League
Canal Park
300 South Main Street
Akron, OH 44308-1204

Here's the entranceway. There were others to the left and right of this photo. It is right downtown Aktron. I didn't venture far from the ballpark. Just a block or two to find a place to eat.

Date Visited:
July 27, 2009

Customer Service:
Nice job at customer service. They seemed to know when not to bother me and when I needed assistance.

Music Level/Announcer:
It was fine.

Here's from behind homeplate.
The grounds crew doing their thing.

I got to the ballpark early and walked around. This is the strangest sign I've seen. But, then again, I don't normally check out the bleachers at a stadium.

Other Notes:

Pretty sky.

I think this was after it had rained a bit.

One level of seating plus sky boxes above the concourse.

Here's just one of the field.

Scored ending up being Aeros = 9; Seawolves = 0

The scoreboard. There're 17 advertisements around that scoreboard

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