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Progressive Field - Cleveland, OH

Progressive Field
Cleveland Indians
American League
2401 Ontario Street
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

I was in Ohio for work in August 2009 and I got the opportunity to see four different ballparks during that trip. One of them was Progressive Field. I had tried to visit this stadium (then known as Jacobs Field or 'The Jake') in 1997 when I went on a cross country trip but couldn't get tickets at that time.

I am glad I have visited the stadium. It's rich with history and has plenty of fan accommodations. I took a tour of the stadium and also saw a game with some wonderful work friends. Seeing a game here was a great source of entertainment for me. I am delighted I got the opportunity to do that.

Heritage Park

One of the nicer things about Progressive Field is their Heritage Park. Heritage Park is a museum/hall of fame of past Indians players. There are placques honoring the Indians players who have made it to the National Hall of Fame. Lots of history here. There's a brick paver program where one can purchase a brick and have it placed here showing support for the team.

Heritage Park

Then you walk down a few steps and there are placques honoring the top all time players the Indians teams. Again, very nicely done. Kudo's to the Indians organization for having all that history displayed for all fans to enjoy.

Customer Service:
I remember it being fine.

Ease of Getting In/Out:
Someone else drove so I didn't really have to worry. However that, in itself, is another story not to be discussed on this site.

Music Level/Announcer:
I have no notes on it being good or bad.

Cleveland fans really rock.

The game I attended, the Indians played the Texas Rangers. When they announced Omar Vizquel to bat the entire fanbase stood up and applauded. That was great. Omar used to play for Cleveland, then on to the Giants, I think, and now is a Ranger.

He's one of those players you just love him regardless of what team he's on. Kind of like a Derek Jeter or Todd Helton. Plays for the game, plays for the right reason, is not looking for attention, and must have close to 10 Gold Glove awards. The perfect baseball player.

This photo also gives you a view of a huge, huge jumbotron.

The tour guide said this was the largest jumbotron in the major leagues until Kansas City did its renovations this year (2009). The Royals have a bigger one now.

Here's the playing field from where I was sitting. A bit steep but I didn't really get afraid of the height. Another individual in my group did. But they were $10 and to get to see a game at Progressive Field for $10 bucks is fine by me.

Across the way, just to the left of the right field foul pole, you can see one of the bullpens.

In the lower left of this photo, behind the bushes and first set of trees is Heritage Park.

To the right of that is the other bullpen.

I believe that white crosswalk was from a parking garage into the stadium, but I could be wrong about that.

And, finally, this photo gives a good example of how right downtown the ballpark is located.

Other Notes:

At Coors Field, they have a 'guess the stadium' pre-game video game.

I always get Progressive Field correct based on the shape of its lights. Most ballpark lights are more horizontal. These are definitely vertical.

I thought this was quite funny that they had a uniform policy. This was taken in the visitor's clubhouse during my tour.

Although you probably can't read it, the key point seems to be don't wear excessively loose clothes that could interfere with play.

Then, I thought about it. At the company I work for, there is a dress code policy. Though we don't have posters located in the restrooms, there are similiar type criteria (for a business office). So, I guess it's not that funny anymore. I had just never seen that before.

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