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Classic Park - Eastlake, OH

Classic Park

Date Visited:
August 13, 2009

Customer Service:
Nice. They offered for $1 (I think) a nice scorecard with all kinds of additional stats and game notes about the SAL league, the Captains and the visiting team - the Augusta Greenjackets this evening. Very nicely done.

Music Level/Announcer:
Both were fine. There was a band out in left field (pre-first pitch) but the band played music while the announcer was announcing. It was quite nerve wracking.

Ease of getting in/out:
The drive there was fine. Took less time than expected. And, I did not hit much Cleveland traffic. Getting out was very easy.

There was a bridge to walk across to get to the ballpark. Fortunately, I managed to get a parking spot so I didn't have to walk over the bridge. I'm not sure whether it was because I got there so early or what.

The nice thing about these ticket booths is just to the right of the window, clearly displayed in big print is the map of the stadium and the seating chart. I think the prices were on there as well. Kudo's to the Captains for doing that.

As mentioned earlier, I got there a bit early so I meandered around the ballpark. Just down the way I found Beef O'Brady's - a bar/restaurant. So, I sat outside and had a beer and a bite to eat. Then headed to the game.

Here's a good example of displaying the 'park-like' setting around the ballpark. The building on the left with the light colored brick behind the trees is Beef O'Brady's. Note the benches to sit on along the walkway.

You can see water fountains. On the right side, kind of above the orange cones, is the bridge.

Straight smack ahead to the very end is the ticket booth from the above photo.

Here's the view from behind homeplate. The groundscrew are grooming the field. Out in right field there are tables to sit on during the game.

In left field there's a lighthouse. If a player hits it in a certain spot, $1000 is rewarded to him.

There are two retired numbers on the center/left field wall.

Here's a better view of the lighthouse and the 2 retired numbers:
* 42 is Jackie Robinson
* 2 is Rivera. I don't know who that is for. If anyone knows, please jot me note.

And on the lighthouse, you can see exactly where someone needs to hit the ball to win $1000.

Other Notes:

Here's taken from the third base side. Beyond the right field, the tan building with the blue roof are the club houses. And, you can see the bullpen is on the field at this park.

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