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Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

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Date Visited:
September 17, 2009

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Ease of getting in/out:
Nice. I took the BART. There is a bridge one must walk over to get to the stadium. Those fearful (like me) of walking the bridge might have some trepidation. Thank you, Barbara, for helping me get across.

The Athletics website says '100% Athletics' and '100% Baseball'. Very nicely stated. Although the stadium itself is not much to write home about, the baseball experience - really baseball - matches few other MLB stadiums I've attended.

The concourse. The stadium is also used for the Oakland Raiders - football. Areas of the concourse were closed during baseball as shown in this photo.

The entire area in the outfield was closed off. In fact, there were covers over the seats. Retired numbers:

9 - Reggie Jackson
43 - Dennis Eckersley
34 - Rollie Fingers and
27 - Catfish Hunter

are displayed on the covers of those seats.


Bullpens were on the field.

This photo also gives a good indication of how few fans were at the game.


Some more covered seats

I'm thinking the entire third level was covered this game




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