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Tampa Bay Rays

American League
Tropicana Field
1 Tropicana Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33705

Date Visited: May 6, 2013

Place to Stay: America's Best Inn

I loved my visit to St Petersburg; I did not enjoy my visit to Tropicana Field mostly because it was freezing cold inside the stadium. Read more under Likes and Didn't Likes below.

Here's the famous tilted roof of Tropicana Field.

There is a Looper Trolley one can take to get to the ballpark for 50 cents if staying near the downtown area.

The stadium has a Ted Williams Museum and Hitters Hall of Fame worth visiting.



Out in center field on the first level, one can visit the Touch Tank and be able to touch rays as they swim in a tank.

I spent a lot of time here, touched the fish, and even received a sticker indicating I 'I met a Ray today'.

It is interesting, educational, and a great form of entertainment at the ballpark.


Didn't Like

Field view from first base third level.

They did display both the US and CA flags (the Blue Jays were the opponent this game I attended

Not a whole lot of fans at this game. Maybe if there had been it would have warmed up the stadium a bit.

Bullpens are on the field.


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